Tokyo 2020 Olympics: Know What to Say, How to Behave & Where to Stay

Tokyo 2020 Olympics: Know What to Say, How to Behave & Where to Stay

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Author: Elliot Sabino

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 20

Release Date: 2017-05-27

Details: There are some things we simply must know, when visiting a nation with a culture so very unique and well preserved in order, not only, that we have the best experience, but that we leave the best impression. The Japanese will - without doubt - allow for many cross-cultural concessions when hosting such an international event. If, however, you've never been to Japan previously, or only briefly, or have only a minimal experience with Japanese people, this book is a must read before attending the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics is the book written to provide the reader with the travel tips they'll need regards the culture: customs and traditions, the city, transportation, the venues, accommodation, the new Athletes Village, places to eat, drink and party, in addition to some history of Japan and some inside information, with 25 links to supporting information.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics, additionally, includes a Language Book of more than 200 vocabulary words - and 30 most useful phrases - spelled phonetically, all in English - related to travel: trains, airport transportation, days of the week, numbers, currency, healthcare, food & drink, directions, emergency services, general small-talk and complimenting.

This E-book is 14,101 words in length.

Languages: English